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Illicit drug use has a way of distancing people from loved ones, opportunities and personal growth. While drugs like heroin, cocaine and methamphetamine still define certain neighborhoods in Buffalo, prescription drug abuse has been a great leveler in recent years. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has called prescription pills the fastest growing substance abuse problem in the nation. But whether drug use happens in impoverished neighborhoods or the suburbs, the substance abuse treatment programs Buffalo has play a pivotal role in rescuing lives from the debilitating and deadly effects of all substance addictions.

Drug trafficking, criminal activity and the untimely death of residents are some of the more obvious byproducts of prolific prescription pill and illicit drug use. And while Buffalo drug abuse programs and residential treatment programs may seem like good solutions to creating drug-free communities, this can only become a reality if those trapped in the cycles of addiction or teetering on edge are given the opportunity to fully participate in the rehabilitation process. Fortunately, the resources addicts need to overcome addiction are available through the substance abuse treatment programs Buffalo offers.

What is Substance Abuse Treatment?

Substance abuse treatment is a specialized program of care that restores lives derailed by the chronic abuse of drugs and alcohol. It is a strategic process that entails various stages focused on restoring both physical and mental health hijacked by addiction. Overtime, it rebuilds not only the addict's life, but family structures and stronger communities by diminishing the demand that fuel drug trafficking and other criminal activities. Maybe the most important function of the substance abuse treatment programs Buffalo offers is that they saves lives.

Substance abuse that leads to dependence and addiction typically occurs in the context of recreational use or via legitimate use of prescription medication. But when it comes to substance abuse treatment programs, it doesn't matter how the person fell into addiction. What concerns medical professionals and addiction care facilitators is that substance abuse treatment works effectively and safely. It is therefore of great importance that patients who are prescribed habit forming medications understand the potential risks. In any use event, education can help people to be more aware that they are at risk long before addiction occurs by teaching them to recognize the signs that tolerance levels are building or they have made the shift into a dependent state.

The following are some of the most common warning signs that you are on the addiction track.

  • Using prescription drugs for non-medical reasons.
  • The need to increase the amount or dosage of a narcotic substance (legal or illicit) to get the same relief or results.
  • You are still using prescription medication after the condition for which the drug was prescribed has been alleviated.
  • Frequently using illicit resources to support a drug habit.
  • Find it necessary to lie, steal, doctor shop or resort to online markets as a way to replenish prescription drug supply.
  • Turning to street drugs like heroin to satisfy cravings
  • Evidence of a growing preoccupation with getting and using drugs.
  • Efforts to stop drug use result in physical and or mental discomfort.
  • Drug use has destabilized or changed the way you live your life.
  • On at least one occasion, your drug use habits have put you and your loved ones at risk.
  • Your financial status has been or is in the process of being impacted by your substance abuse habit.

Going through a period of denial is common for people struggling with the reality that they have developed a substance abuse problem. If you are concerned that you may have a drug use problem, you can find out quickly by completing a confidential questionnaire or speaking to an addiction counselor. Call Buffalo Drug Treatment Centers at (716) 408-1525 for more information.

Stopping Substance Abuse

It is a common misconception among people in addiction that they have the power to stop using drugs at any time. Attempts by people who believe this and take the "cold turkey" approach to quitting the habit often end tragically. In fact, a high percentage of people who are able to abstain for a period of time but do not address the psychological component of addiction often resume drug use. Unfortunately, many do not recognize that abstinence for even a short period can lower tolerance levels significantly enough to cause a drug overdose if they relapse. Sudden cessation can also trigger withdrawals symptoms severe enough to put users into a medical crisis situation.

The substance abuse treatment programs Buffalo offers provide safe and comfortable environments where you can gain the resources you need to stop out-of-control drug use. Qualified, experienced and caring drug addiction personnel will evaluate your physical and mental status in order to design a substance abuse treatment program that is right for you. Call Buffalo Drug Treatment Centers today at (716) 408-1525 for information on medically supervised detoxification procedures, and the out-patient and residential treatment programs Buffalo offers to help you through the recovery process.


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