Understanding the Opiate Addiction Treatment Buffalo Offers

A walk-through of the steps involved in the opiate addiction treatment Buffalo offers to help you through recovery.

Heroin addiction is a crisis that is sweeping the nation. The most recent data available shows that 33,091 Americans died of opiate overdoses in 2015 alone. Buffalo has not been unaffected – in Erie county, fatal heroin deaths have doubled from 2014 to 2015. However, the opiate addiction treatment Buffalo offers is rising to the occasion with excellent treatment options for those addicted to heroin and other opiates. The heroin addiction treatment centers Buffalo has are effective at helping people overcome addiction, but what exactly takes place in these facilities?

When addicts seek treatment in opiate rehab centers, the first step they undergo is medical detoxification. Medical detox is a term that covers the process of removing the toxins associated with opiates as well as the drugs themselves from the addict's system. For opiate addicts, withdrawing from their drug of choice can be a distressing experience for both their body and mind. This is due to the symptoms experienced during withdrawal, which can include:

  • Pain throughout the body
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Abdominal cramping
  • Uncontrollable trembling
  • Insomnia
  • Hallucinations
  • Extreme changes in mood (aggression, depression, anxiety)
  • Disturbing or suicidal thoughts
  • Severe cravings

Because of the severity of these symptoms, undergoing medical detox at rehab facilities is the best choice to ensure safety and comfort while the drugs are cleared from a person's system. The staff of the qualified heroin addiction centers Buffalo offers are trained to determine an individual's medical needs and administer suitable medications to alleviate their symptoms and make detoxification as comfortable as possible. Detoxification is a key part of the opiate addiction treatment Buffalo rehab programs offer. Of course, this improves the health of the addict, but it also allows the mind to be unclouded by drugs, providing a steady, sober state of mind to move forward with the next steps of opiate addiction treatment.

Counseling is the core of treatment for any addiction. The individual counseling that takes place during the opiate addiction treatment Buffalo rehab centers provide allows a recovering addict to discuss their issues with trained therapists. Discussions typically encompass the circumstances surrounding their addiction's development, any self-medicating aspects of their drug use, the toll their addiction has had on their life, and much more. Examining these topics with a licensed therapist helps people in recovery to grow a deeper understanding of their addiction, themselves, and the steps they need to take to achieve a true, lasting recovery from opiate and heroin addiction. Counseling also serves to address any underlying psychological complications or illnesses that may also be playing a role in the progression of an addiction. The heroin addiction treatment centers Buffalo is home to strive to make sure that every aspect of a patient's mental health is given the attention needed to achieve complete recovery.

Another form of counseling that will take place is group therapy, which involves meeting the other recovering addicts who are attending opiate rehab centers and discussing their journeys to sobriety. Subjects of discussion vary depending on what the group feels needs to be shared, such as past ordeals caused by their addiction, their bumps in the road on the way to recovery, or what they're most excited about thanks to sobriety. Bonding with others who are healing from addiction not only provides a safe place to vent, but also creates an important support system to lean on during trying times of their newfound sobriety. Peers acting as partners who work to keep each other accountable have been shown to greatly improve individuals' ability to maintain sobriety over time. Relapse prevention is a vital part of recovery even after leaving opiate rehab centers and these deep bonds play a significant role in providing the strength to avoid temptations that may arise once a recovered addict has returned to their everyday life.

Addiction is a disease that can potentially destroy a life, but rebuilding your life is always possible. The opiate addiction treatment centers Buffalo offers understand addiction and the steps that need to be taken to overcome it. If you or a loved one is suffering from addiction, call Buffalo Drug Treatment Centers at (716) 408-1525 for help finding treatment programs that will give you the support and resources you need to recover from opiate addiction. Take the first steps to reclaim the life you deserve today!

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